Launching “Open Talks” with ITU Secretary-General

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SG Open Talks

I am proud of ITU’s substantial and diverse membership – 193 Member States and around 700 Sector Members, including members of the Internet community, industry, civil society and academia. ITU members from different regions and different perspectives continue to work together for the common good and in the public interest to resolve complex and challenging issues.

It’s also important to acknowledge that not everyone may have the opportunity to participate in discussions at ITU. That’s why, as the ITU Secretary-General, I constantly seek different means to reach out and to engage all those whose ideas could make a difference. No one person, no single group or institution, no one country has a monopoly over good ideas. As history has reminded us time and again, the brightest minds can be found anywhere.

If international policy-making is to be effective and to achieve the desired impact, it is clear to me that…

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